We’ve all been asked that question:

What do you do?

And usually its a straight forward answer, unless if you happen to be a product manager here in the UAE (or the region in general). And although the job description is vague and defined differently from one company to another, I think the scarcity of product managers in the region also doesn’t help. And this is primarily why I created this blog, firstly to connect with fellow PM’s and secondly create a platform where we can all discuss product problems and best practices.

Admittedly I will be talking a lot of “product-y” topics from the tech sides of things, I think I’ve only ever met one product manager that wasn’t from the tech industry, she was in banking but that doesn’t mean it will strictly be for the tech industry, all are welcome!

Disclaimer: Everything I write here is my own and does not represent any past, present or future employers. *Has to be said*